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  • Size up against the retired CAT 5230B excavator and haul truck tyre

  • View active mining in action in the Frasers Open Pit

  • Learn about the Macraes mining lifecycle


The Tour Hub is the perfect place to kick off your Self-Guided Tour. Get up close to our retired CAT 5230B excavator, take a photo with our haul truck tyre, or have a picnic and watch active mining in the Frasers Open Pit.





Exploration involves locating gold resources which can be mined by open pit or underground methods. The exploration process follows a cycle of mapping, sampling, widespaced initial followed by close spaced infill drilling, assaying, and resource estimation. 

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Find out more about processing at Macraes here.



Open Pit Mining

Open pit or surface mining involves excavating rock to reach the gold below the surface. The process follows a cycle of drilling, blasting, excavating, hauling, and rehabilitation to mine gold bearing rock.

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Find out more about open pit mining at Macraes here.


Retiring Excavator EX110

They say all good things must come to an end but for EX110 there is a silver lining. We retired our CAT 5230B excavator in 2021, which first arrived as a brand-new machine on site in 2002. This excavator is one of only seven of this model ever made, the first to be sent out into the world to work and the oldest machine operating in our open pit.



CAT 5230B Excavator

Over its 20-year life of operational use, EX110 has received four engine changeouts, one in-frame rebuild and at one point was split in two to replace the main slew bearing when the machine was 52,000 hours old.

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