The Mining Process

Our operation consists of a large-scale open pit mine, two underground mines and an adjacent processing plant. We have produced over five million ounces of gold since beginning operation in 1990.

Not only are we New Zealand’s largest gold mine but the combined production to date and known remaining resources at our site place our operation in the category of a “world class” gold deposit.


Our mining lifecycle is circular. We continue to repeat each of the stages as new areas are explored and existing areas are closed. Often these stages will be operating simultaneously across different locations on the site.

Box Section Title

Locating and expanding gold mineral reserves.
Open Pit Mining
Mining ore and waste rock to be hauled above ground.
Underground Mining
Mining ore and waste rock to be hauled below ground up to the surface.
Extracting gold from the ore.
Gold Delivery
How gold is used globally.
Rehabilitation and Closure
Returning the mined area to usable land and preparing plans for eventual site closure.